Different Options of Bathroom Upgrades

Different Options of Bathroom Upgrades

Are you planning to do bathroom renovations, but do not know how and what design is suitable for your bath areas? If you do, the below are the  different options of bathroom upgrades to consider. These are some of the styles and designs that may fit your bathroom.


  • Floating Vanities. A floating vanity can make the room feel airy simply by adding open spaces between the floor and the bottom of the vanity. Floating vanity can simple as elevating the vanity by the use of solid plank of wood with a vessel sink. It can be outfitted with a double sink and a drawer for storage purposes.


  • The soothing sounds and entertainment center. Listening to music while taking a bath can be relaxing and rejuvenating. You can invest in a state of the art sound system, mp3 player, or cd player on your bathroom. Setting up a low voltage and water resistant television is also a nice way to catch up early news while taking a bath. Just be sure that the installation is water resistant. Proper ventilation should be also checked to keep the bathroom humidity.


  • The Beautiful Tile Accents. This is one of the most affordable bathroom upgrades. It is simply done by installing backsplash of mosaic tile above the vanity, over the walls and even the bathroom floors by professional tiler. Wollongong tiles team of professionals can help you.


  • The Radiant Heat Flooring. This includes installing a radiant heat system beneath the bathroom floor. You can upgrade your bathroom by adding a layer of style along with comfort by adding a soft rug that will serve as feet comforter when you step out of the tub or a shower.


  • Frameless Glass Shower. It’s not all about the elegance and display. Though a glass shower can look luxurious, it is a perfect choice for aging family members. The frameless shower is easy to use and can be specially built in for oldies.


Other designs and styles that you may want to consider are a fireplace in the bathroom, adding shower benches made of tiles or glass, installing heated towel bars, and steam showers. All of these styles and designs can be relaxing and rejuvenating. It can also make your bathroom elegant and soothing while you take a bath.


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